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Guide is the only tool you need to build a life you love. Using proven principles, innovative technology, and relevant expert resources, Guide encourages sharing a daily practice in our supportive, authentic community empowering people to live lives they love.


Whether you're out to achieve a goal or are clear on a greater purpose, Guide will help you gain clarity in what you're out to create in life. Our Purpose is to help you achieve your purpose and build a life you love.

Daily Practice

It's not what you do, it's what you do daily. The Daily Practice is the heart of the system and an opportunity for you to reflect and get clear on what works and what doesn't work in pursuit of your goals. Build a life you love through daily practice!

Action List

Small actions executed consistently over time, yield big results. Guide's unique action list allow you to create, share and manage your todo list and will support you in creating the results you want most.

Wisdom Library

Gain insights for self-improvement through our comprehensive Wisdom Library, curated with you in mind to help you expand your awareness. Take quizzes, explore our media library and encorporate graphs from the Wisdom Library into your Daily Practice that will provide feedback you can use to monitor your goal progress.


The Guide community is comprised of growth-minded idividuals that provide support, challenge, and guidance. These connections can be created online or as an extension of existing real-world relationships. Feel free to share Guide with anyone in your life to join our community and begin their personal development journey.


When building a life you love, you'll also want to improve what you consume. Switch from mindless scroll to active learning with Guide's in app courses. Guide current offers free courses for our members learning pleasure. Engage in material tailed to those interested in a more in depth personal development experience.

More course material coming soon!


Guide believes that part of the personal development process is connecting with those that can enlighten us and those that we can enlighten. Connect with other Guide members, thought leaders in the wellness industry and Guide Community Leaders through The Guide App for a more personalized wellness improvement experience.

Coming soon, guides and coaches. 

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